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List of available services at Casablanca International Airport

Information desk
Information desk >>>MAIN HALL
An information desk is available in the main lobby of the airport. The reception staff can inform travelers and companions on their flight, their experience at the airport or the formalities. Do not hesitate to call them. In addition, at level 0 of Terminal 1, in the arrival area, a tourist information office informs travelers about hotels, transports and leasures in Casablanca.
Holders of international credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) or of cards issued by Moroccan banks have the possibility to withdraw money from from various ATMs of the airport located in public areas or in restricted customs zones. These ATMs distribute banknotes in Moroccan dirhams (DHS, code MAD). Foreign currencies exchange may be carried out in banks and licensed financial institutions in both terminals.


Banks : Currency exchange offices:
BMCE Bank Aéroport Casablanca Chaaby Money Change Global Exchange Maroc


Banks :  
Banque Populaire Maroc BMCE Bank Aéroport Casablanca Attijari Wafa Bank

Financial institutions:
Wafa Cash MoneyGram aéroport de Casablanca Western Union Aéroport de Casablanca

Currency exchange offices:
Global Exchange Maroc    

See also the customs handbook

See also the exchange rates observed at the airport

VIP Lounge

VIP lounges of Mohammed V Casablanca International Airport are available to travelers seeking comfort and tranquility while waiting for their flight. Access is reserved for business and first class passengers of certain airlines, for those with an access card and for those paying the entrance fee.
Various services are offered such as wifi and self-service computers, a snack bar, relaxing chairs, television and international press.
- The Atlas lounge is the lounge of Royal Air Maroc open to Safar Flyer Silver (international flights) and Gold passengers (all flights) as well as Business / First Class passengers of some other airlines (Air France, Turkish, Air Algérie, Tunisair, Saudia, Emirates, Qatar Airways).
- The Convives de marque Lounge is open to any traveler paying admission or yearly subscription. The Convives de marque Lounge adds to the traditional services available in lounges, passenger assistance (Fast Track, private check-in, passport control, baggage pick-up on arrival, etc.). The one time entrance fee of the Convives de marque Lounge is DHS 750.

Fast Track File rapide
Fast Track service allow you to quickly access police formalities and boarding gates. This avoids queues that can be long on busy air traffic hours. Each terminal has a Fast Track line at arrivals and departures. Safar Flyer Gold passengers benefit from this service free of charge. Travelers with access or subscription to Convives de marque can also benefit from the time and energy savings offered by the Fast Track service.
Internet >>> AIRPORT AREA
Morocco has several 3G/4G operators selling SIM cards without subscription and 3G USB sticks for a cheap and fast internet access on your PC, tablet or phone. These SIM cards are available and can be activated in several shops in the airport. Terminals also have several wifi spots including those of the VIP lounges.
Charging stations
Charging stations >>>AIRPORT AREA
Mohammed V Casablanca airport offers travelers charging stations to power their mobile devices (telephones, computers, etc.).
Stores and duty free shop
Stores and duty free shop >>> AIRPORT AREA
Many shops are available within the airport in the international duty free zone as well as in the public halls of the two passenger terminals of Mohammed V Casablanca International Airport. Passengers and visitors have thus access to the usual products of Duty Free shops (tobacco, alcohol, gastronomy), ready-to-wear, Moroccan and international press, jewelery, crafts, local products, electronics and telephony, pharmacy and leather goods.
Post office
Post office >>> MAIN HALL
To send your letters, postcards and parcels, for the purchase of stamps and for the activity of postal bank, La Poste Maroc has two offices at Mohammed V international airport of Casablanca.
They are open from 9 am to 10 pm without interruption. You will find them at level 0 of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
Information: (+ 212) 05 22 53 84 48
Police & security
Police & security >>> AIRPORT AREA
Casablanca airport is constantly concerned about the safety of passengers and aircrafts. Several identity checks are thus imposed on passengers and their accompanying persons to access to the terminals, to the check-in and boarding areas and to the aircrafts. The airport police station is attentive to all travelers. Security officers also ensure compliance with international standards. You can call on them to report any activity that you suspect is suspicious. On the other hand, we remind you that leaving unattended baggage can lead to its destruction to legal action against you.
Luggage wrapping
Luggage wrapping >>>CHECK-IN AREA
To strengthen and protect your luggage from bumps, scratches or theft, a paying luggage wrapping service is available in the check-in area of Casablanca-Mohammed V airport hall. A wrapping station is proposed to passengers. The fixed price is DHS 15 per bag packed. Royal AIr Maroc Safar Flyer Gold passengers have the opportunity to have two of their luggage wrapped for free.
Call center
Call center >>> AIRPORT AREA
It is possible to obtain information on departures, arrivals, delays and other information by telephone calling the airport -> (+212) 667-240104.
Prayer rooms
Prayer rooms >>> AIRPORT AREA
Several prayer rooms are located in both terminals, in the public and in the boarding areas.
Passengers with reduced mobility
Passengers with reduced mobility
Wheelchairs and assistance staff are available for passengers with reduced mobility on departure and arrival from/to Casablanca airport. When booking your flight or in any case prior to the take-off day, it is essential to inform the airline that you will require ground and/or flight assistance in order to provide suitable personnel, to take you in charge as soon as your arrive at the airport and to facilitate your check-in and your access to the boarding area.
Luggage scales
Luggage scales >>>CHECK-IN AREA
Each airline flying to Morocco impose a different baggage allowance. It is important that every traveler comply with those rules under threat of being required to pay excess baggage fees that can be prohibitive. It is therefore recommended to weigh your luggage before you get to the airport. However, it is possible to weigh them on the balances available at check-in counters in order to lighten them if necessary.
Cabin baggage
Cabin baggage >>>CHECK-IN AREA
Just like checked baggage, cabin baggage must meet a maximum size and weight. Airlines propose in the check-in area boxes to check if your cabin baggage meets the standards. Some passengers try at the time of boarding to carry more or different bags that those validated at check-in. They are exposed to leave their bags at the airport or to pay excess baggage fees in addition to delay the takeoff to the detriment of all travelers.
Last minute tickets
Last minute tickets >>> CHECK-IN AREA
Passengers who have not had the time to buy their tickets or have missed their flights have the option to purchase a ticket at the airport (at generally higher rates). Correspondents of different travel agencies can offer these services.
The Emergency Medical Unit (UMU) of the airport is in service 24/7. A doctor and nurses are also available 24 hours a day. The UMU has the necessary equipment and medicines to provide first aid to the passengers and users of the airport.
A pharmacy is also open at Terminal 1.
Toilets >>> AIRPORT AREA
All areas of Casablanca International airport have free and clean toilets and sinks.
Baggage disputes
Baggage disputes >>> ARRIVAL HALL
In case of loss, theft or damage related to the luggage carried by the passengers, you can contact the luggage dispatch service which manages the ground assistance of the airline you have flown with (RAM, Air Arabia and Saudia have their own luggage dispute service, MGHS and Swissport manage the ground handling of the other airlines).
Bars and restaurants
Bars and restaurants >>> AIRPORT AREA
Mohammed V Casablanca airport has cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets throughout the airport, in the public areas of both terminals and in the customs area to allow passengers waiting for their boarding to relax in front of a hot or cold drink, to taste a Moroccan or international specialty or to eat a sandwich on the go.

Pomme de Pain Fast Food Restaurant Casablanca Aéroport Airport

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